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Dyno Bot for Discord – Guide – Features – Commands

When it comes to managing data on discord servers and moderating different channels, Dyno Bot stands out as a popular moderation Bot that provides you with many moderating tools and commands that make handling your server easy.

Dyno is a popular moderation bot with 35 different Discord commands that allow server mods to mute, deafen, warn, mute, kick, or ban members, etc. With this app, admins can take the extreme measure of locking a channel, allowing moderators the breathing space to regain control, discipline several users, and clean up the channel where necessary. The Dyno Bot can also interface with Discord Role Bot to assign different permissions and limitations to specific users who may be causing trouble.

Dyno bot has the capability to save the messages of banned users rather than them being auto-deleted (useful if needed for evidence of misconduct at a later date). The premium version of Dyno bot adds the ability to set “auto-purge” settings to automatically delete messages, post customizable embedded messages, and special text channels. All such actions taken by the bot are recorded in a log, to which notes can be added.

Finally, Dyno bots’ non-moderation features include some music playing functionality, finding statistics, finding pictures, poll making, and a “coin flip” to help decide things.

Dyno Bot Features

You can also send direct messages to members, look up stats concerning different events like the pandemic, create a poll, and find animal pictures, and much more.

The best part of using Dyno Bot is that the developers are constantly updating it with new features and upgrades. They also pay special attention to what new features users ask for and get it done in the next update.

Here are some commands and features to know about:

Music: play your favorite music directly from discord as it is backed by streaming hardware that provides you a wide variety of music to choose from.

Web dashboard: Dyno Bot provides an easy, accessible dashboard from where you can perform and manage different servers.

Uptime: the uptime for the Dyno bot is usually at 99.99% which means it is available year-round.

Auto-moderation: by using commands like add mod, ban, mute, you can fully configure your server with moderation commands to control spam or prevent a raid.

Auto-roles: you can assign roles to newly added members and assign tasks to them as well. There are many commands regarding roles such as announce, modules, role color, etc that let you customize roles for members.

Server log: Dyno bot maintains a server event log that can be obtained from the server anytime.

Custom commands: use custom commands to collect data, notifications, and manage servers without any problem.

Clean: commands like ban, clean, kick allow you to clean up and clear out members from the server without a problem.

Pokemon: this command lets you get info on any Pokemon.

How to set up Dyno Bot

Now that we’ve discussed Dyno Bot in detail, here is how you can set it up for your own discord server:

  1. Go to the Dyno Bot’s website and click on Add To Server.

  1. Register your discord server if you haven’t already, or simply sign in.
  2. Once logged in, you will find a list of servers. Select the one where you want to display Dyno Bot.
  3. On the next page, you will have to provide authorization for the Dyno Bot to control and manage your server.
  4. Select Add Bot to a Server and click on Authorise.
  5. Now you can go to the commands tab to apply Dyno Bot commands to your server.
  6. From here you can go to the Command Prompt and start applying commands from the list available and get started with the customization process for your Discord server. It is pretty simple and easy to get done.

After the Dyno bot is added to your server, a web dashboard of your server will open where you can manage all of your bot’s settings as well as enable or disable the various modules that the Dyno bot provides. The dashboard for your server will look something like this -:

There will also be a ‘Modules’ section when you scroll down where you can configure the different modules/features that the Dyno bot provides. You can enable and disable all these modules or click on ‘COMMANDS’ to view the commands that the particular module provides. You can also enable/disable any command/s of any module/s this way as well. Clicking on the ‘SETTINGS’ under any module brings up its settings where you can do various things in relation to that module. For example, in the “Auto Message” module settings, you can set messages which will be set automatically to a particular channel at a particular time and also how many times that message will be sent to that channel at a particular interval apart.


Owing to the huge number of features that the Dyno bot offers, it has a lot of commands for a lot of different functions. The commands in discord are executed only after adding the prefix ‘?’ to them. For example, to add a moderator role, we use the ‘addmod’ command. To execute this command, we write-:

?addmod [role]

There are many modules available to use with the Dyno bot. Each of these modules has its own set of commands to provide a particular functionality. Below, we have mentioned all the commands from all the modules that available to use in the Dyno bot.


add rank – Add a new joinable rank.

Usage – ?addrank [name] (hex color) (hoist)

del rank – Delete an existing joinable rank.

Usage – ?delrank [name]

rank – Join or leave a joinable rank.

Usage – ?rank [name]

ranks – Get a list of joinable ranks.

Usage – ?ranks

role info – Get information aInfo Commands

ignored – List ignored channels, roles, and users.

Usage – ?ignored

kick – Kick a member.

Usage – ?kick [user] (reason)

lock – Lock a channel.

Usage – ?lock [channel] (limit) (reason)

lockdown – Lock channels defined in moderation settings.

Usage – ?lockdown (optional message)

members – List members in a role or roles.

Usage – ?members [role]

moderations – Get a list of active timed moderations and remaining time. Usage – ?moderations

Modlogs – Get a list of moderation info

help – Get information about Dyno or a command.

Usage – ?help (command)

info – Get information about the bot.

Usage – ?info

ping – Ping the bot and get the response time in milliseconds.

Usage – ?ping

premium – Get information about Dyno Premium.

Usage – ?premium

stats – Get some statistics about the bot.

Usage – ?stats

uptime – Get the bot uptime.

Usage – ?uptime


add mod – Add a moderator role.

Usage – ?addmod [role]

add role – Add a new server role, with optional color and hoist.

Usage – ?addrole [name] (hex color) (hoist)

announce – Send an announcement using the bot.

Usage – ?announce [channel] [message]

auto mod – Configure automod settings.

Usage – ?automod

clear warn – Clear warnings from users.

Usage – ?clearwarn [user]

command – Enable or disable a command.

Usage – ?command [command]

delrole – Delete a server role.

Usage – ?delrole [role]

ignore channel – Toggles command usage for a channel. (Does not affect mods and managers)

Usage – ?ignorechannel [channel]

ignore role – Toggles command usage for a role. (Does not affect mods and managers)

Usage – ?ignorerole [role]

ignore user – Toggles command usage for a user.

Usage – ?ignoreuser [user] (reason)

List mods – List all moderators and moderator roles.

Usage – ?listmods

mentionable – Toggles whether a role is mentionable or not.

Usage – ?mentionable [role]

module – Enable or disable a module.

Usage – ?module [module]

modules – List all available modules.

Usage – ?modules

nick – Change the bot nickname.

Usage – ?nick [new nickname]

prefix – Get the current prefix of your server or set a new one.

Usage – ?prefix (new prefix)

purge – Delete a number of messages from a channel. (limit 1000)

Usage – ?purge [count]

role – Manage the roles of a user.

Usage – ?role [user] [role name]

role color – Change the color of a role.

Usage – ?rolecolor [role] [hex color]

role name – Change the name of a role.

Usage – ?rolename [role], [new name]

set nick – Change the nickname of a user.

Usage – ?setnick [user] [new nickname]


ban – Ban a member.

Usage – ?ban [user] (limit) (reason)

case – Show a single moderation case.

Usage – ?case [case number]

clean – Clean up the bot responses.

Usage – ?clean (count)

clear notes – Delete all notes about a member.

Usage – ?clearnotes [user]

customs – List, show, enable or disable Custom Commands.

Usage – ?customs

deafen – Deafen a member.

Usage – ?deafen [user] (reason)

delnote – Delete a single note about a member.

Usage – ?delnote [user] [note ID]

delwarn – Clear a single warning from a member.

Usage – ?delwarn [warning ID]

diagnose – Diagnose any command or module in the bot to determine if there are any problems.

Usage – ?diagnose [command or module]

duration– Change the duration of a timed punishment.

Usage – ?duration [modlog ID] [new limit]

edit note – Edit a note about a member.

Usage – ?editnote [user] [note ID] [note]

gs for a user.

Usage – ?modlogs [user]

modstats – Get moderation statistics for a mod/admin (may take up to 30 minutes to update).

Usage – ?modstats [user]

mute – Mute a member so they cannot type.

Usage – ?mute [user] (limit) (reason)

note – Add a note about a member.

Usage – ?note [user] [note]

notes – Get notes for a user.

Usage – ?notes [user]

reason – Supply a reason for a moderation log case.

Usage – ?reason [case number] [reason]

role persist – Assign/unassign a role that persists if the user leaves and rejoins.

Usage -?rolepersist [user] [role], (reason)

soft ban – Softban a member (ban and immediately unban to delete their messages).

Usage – ?softban [user] (reason)

temprole – Assign/unassign a role for a limited time that persists if the user leaves and rejoins.

Usage – ?temprole [user] [time] [role], (reason)

unban – Unban a member.

Usage – ?unban [user] (reason)

undeafen – Undeafen a member.

Usage – ?undeafen [user] (reason)

unlock – Unlock a channel.

Usage – ?unlock [channel] (reason)

unmute – Unmute a member.

Usage – ?unmute [user] (reason)

warn – Warn a member.

Usage – ?warn [user] (reason)

warnings – Get warnings for a user.

Usage – ?warnings [user]


afk – Set an AFK status to display when you are mentioned.

Usage – ?afk (status)

avatar – Get the avatar of yourself or another user.

Usage – ?avatar (user)

bot list – Gets the Carbonitex bot list ordered by server counts.

Usage – ?botlist (page)

color – Show a color using the hex code.

Usage – ?color [hex code]

covid – Get COVID-19 statistics.

Usage – ?covid [country or state]

discrim – Gets a list of users matching a discriminator.

Usage – ?discrim (discriminator)

distance – Get the distance between two sets of coordinates.

Usage – ?distance [coords] [coords]

dyno avatar – Generate a Dyno-like avatar.

Usage – ?dynoavatar (user)

emotes – Get a list of server emojis.

Usage – ?emotes (search)

invite info – Get information about a Discord invite.

Usage – ?inviteinfo [invite code]

member count – Get the member count of the current server.

Usage – ?membercount

random color – Generates a random hex color with a preview.

Usage – ?randomcolor

remind me – Set a reminder.

Usage – ?remindme [time] [reminder]

roll – Roll a dice.

Usage – ?roll (size) [number of dice]

rps – Play rock, papers, scissors with the bot.

Usage – ?rps [choice]

server info – Get information about the current server.

Usage – ?serverinfo

whois – Get information about a user.

Usage – ?whois (user)


cat – Get some cute cat pictures.

Usage – ?cat

country – Get information about a country.

Usage – ?country [country code]

dad joke – Get a random dad joke.

Usage – ?dadjoke

dog – Get some cute dog pictures.

Usage – ?dog

flip – Flip a coin.

Usage – ?flip

git hub – Get information about a GitHub repository.

Usage – ?github (owner/)[repo name]

itunes – Get information about an iTunes song.

Usage – ?itunes [song name]

norris – Get a random Chuck Norris fact.

Usage – ?norris

pokemon – Get information about a Pokémon.

Usage – ?pokemon [name]

poll – Start a poll for people to vote on.

Usage – ?poll “[message]” “[choice 1]” “[choice 2]”

pug – Get some cute pug pictures.

Usage – ?pug

space – Get information about the International Space Station.

Usage – ?space

bout a role.

Usage – ?roleinfo [role]

roles – Get a list of server roles.

Usage – ?roles (search)


tag – Get, create, edit or delete a tag.

Usage – ?tag [tag name]

tags – Get a list of tags.

Usage – ?tags (search)


slow mode – Enable or disable slow mode on a channel.

Usage – ?slowmode

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