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MEE6 – Commands + Music commands + Custom setup.

tag(s) – Gaming, Visual Music, Custom Commands, XP Moderation.

MEE6 is a Discord bot that brings you a suite of features to truly enhance your Discord server. With MEE6, you can stay on top of internet trends, since the bot offers a wide range of features such as creating custom commands, leveling roles, XP Moderation, making announcements, visual music player, and much more.

All these features are extremely beneficial to the discord owner as it helps in handling their increasing audience, which will help in better user engagement.

How to Set Up a MEE6 Bot?

It is incredibly simple to set up the MEE6 Bot for your discord server. All you need to is :

  1. Go to the official MEE6 Bot’s website and click on the ‘Add to Server’ option.
  2. Then simply login or register your discord server.
  3. Once logged in, select the server from the list where you wish to display the MEE6 Bot.
  4. Afterward, provide authorization for the Bot to regulate and control your discord server.
  5. Check the option that says ‘Add bot to a server’ and press the ‘Authorize’ option.

MEE6 Moderation commands list

Below is the list of all commands that MEE6 offers to help you better monitor the user experience on your server.

CommandUsage :

!ban – Bans a user from the server.

!tempban – Temporarily bans a user from the server.

!clear – Delete a channel’s messages.

!infractions – Displays a user’s infractions.

!kick – Kicks a user from the server.

!mute – Server-mutes a user.

!tempmute – Temporarily server-mutes a user.

!role-info – Get information about a particular role.

!server-info – Get information about the current server.

!slowmode – Enables or Disables slow mode in a channel.

!unban – Unbans a user from the server.

!unmute – Unmutes a user.

!user-info – Get information about a particular user.

!warn – Warns a user.

MEE6 Music commands list

MEE6 also consists of a feature that can play music inside your server’s voice channels. Here’s the complete command list to elevate your music experience.


!play Start playing from the queue.

!search Search for a song.

!record Record the current conversation on a voice channel.

!seek Skip to a specific moment in the song.

!volume Increases the volume of the song up to 200%.

!add Add a song to the queue.

!queue List the songs in the queue.

!clear-queue Remove every song from the queue.

!skip Skip to the following song in the queue.

!vote-skip: Starts a vote to skip to the next song in the queue.

!join Get the bot to join your voice channel.

!leave Get the bot to leave your voice channel.

!stop Stop the current song.

!start-quiz Start a music quiz with your friends.

!stop-quiz Stop the current music quiz.

!stop-recording End the recording and get the link to the audio file.

How to make custom commands on MEE6 Bot on the Discord Server?

To make things easier for its users, MEE6 also allows you to make your custom commands that can perform a predetermined set of actions with just a single press of a button.

Follow these steps to set up your custom commands in a matter of minutes.

Step 1; Go to the MEE6 website and log in to the dashboard. Click on the ‘Custom Commands’ once there.

Step 2: Once you click on custom commands, you’ll be seeing three different types of commands you could choose from.

  • Text Command: It will create a command that replies with a custom text in Direct Messages or a public channel.
  • Auto-role: This command will allow your users to automatically give themselves any role(s) they want. This feature can only be accessed on the premium version of the MEE6 Bot.
  • Advanced: For any sort of advanced commands that can handle roles or send multiple messages to DMs or public channels. This is also a premium feature and will not be available for the free version of MEE6.

For demonstration purposes, we’ll be moving on with the ‘Text Command’.

Step 3: You’ll find yourself on the custom command building page. This will give you the access to set up everything you need for your custom command(s).

Step 4: This next step will require you to set an action which is primarily what the Bot will do once the command is set into action. It could either be set to ‘Reply with a message’ or ‘Send a message’ which will just send a response to a public channel.

You can allow both options if you wish to. Let us also enable the Random toggle. This will allow you to type in multiple responses which will be picked at random.

Note that you can take more control with regards to how the bot replies by specifying other users, channels, or servers using Custom Command Variables.

Step 5: Proceed over to the command description, the roles that are allowed to use it, and whether or not you want to ban certain roles and channels from using the command.

Step 6: Finally, you have the command cooldown period, which controls the duration of time between users can run the command. You’ll also have control over whether you want to keep or delete a command usage record and want to make the command respond-only by not letting users reply to the command.

Step 7: Once you’re done with the necessary setup, click the Add button in the bottom right to add the command to your server.

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