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PokéMeow is a modern Discord Pokemon game bot, like the legendary Pokecord. A lot of the new Pokemon fans are looking for discord Bots, which will enable them to play pokemon games.

PokéMeow appears to be the most renowned among the others, making it one of the most popular game bots to exist on the discord server. It is a neat and a rather moderate version. Many Pokémon fans are looking to play on discord, and PokéMeow is just the right choice for them. These games are always a little confusing to start with, so here’s a guide that can help you get started. This article consists of the basic PokéMeow guide to kickstart your gaming experience with PokéMeow.

PokéMeow Quickstart Guide

To begin this game, you need to enter the PokéMeow official server.

Or, if you have an existing server on discord, then you can simply add a PokéMeow bot to your server.

The official server is extremely active and has heaps of information on it with the official announcement. Once you add it to your server, you can calmly enjoy PokéMeow without any interruption and unwanted server notifications.

Once you are on a server that has access to PokéMeow, type ;Pokémon to enjoy the gaming experience. All your progress of PokéMeow will be saved on the server you have played on. It will also be connected to your discord account. To access any basic in-game help just type, ;help.

PokeMeow Game Info

Title: PokéMeow

Platform: Discord

Language: English

Release date: Around 2010-02-23

Developer: PokeMeow

Price: Free to Play™ with IAP/Gachapon. No ads.

Genre: Pokemon catching simulator

Filesize: N/A (installed in Discord)

Cloud Save: Yes (Automatic)

Always Online: Yes, Discord required

Gambling element: Yes (lootboxes and RNG-based catching/spawning)

Catching Pokemon in PokeMeow

  • ;p
    • Spawns a random Pokemon.
    • Stats will be displayed like your Pokeball count, whether you’ve caught an empty/full Pokeball icon, your streak, etc.
  • mb, gb, ub, prb, pb
    • Type one of listed to pick which Pokeball to use. Like in regular pokemon, more valuable balls have higher catch rates. Save better balls for shinies, legendaries, unique pokemon, etc.
    • You only get one chance at a Pokemon, which is why it’s essential to use better balls for unique mons. For common mons, it’s safer to use Pokeballs since you can spawn them easily.
    • Note rarer pokemon also give more coins for a catch, so using an Ultra Ball on that Ultra Rare isn’t a bad idea.
  • ;grazz
    • Use 1 Golden Razzberry, which will increase Legendary encounter rate by 25% for 50 encounters.
    • Use ;grazz all to eat them all, there isn’t any reason not to.

Pokemon Commands

  • ;pokedex | ;dex
  • View your Pokedex with completion stats.
    • Typing sort will sort it so only unobtained pokemon show towards the top.
  • ;pokedex (pokemon/number)
    • Displays the base stats and PokéMeow specific stats of a Pokemon.
    • Shows how many exist in PokéMeow, how many you own and have seen.
    • Useful for Mega Chamber.
  • ;box
  • See your list of pokemon. It is similar to the pokemon command in other bots.
    • Typing ;sort, once your box is opened, will sort your duplicate pokemon to the top. This is useful for ;swap.
  • ;release duplicates | ;r d
    • It will release all existing duplicates in your ;box in exchange for coins.

Misc PokeMeow Commands
  • ;egg
    • View the Egg Center, with your egg count, the status of your held egg.
  • ;egg hold
    • Hold an egg. Since there aren’t any downsides to this, you can always hold an egg if you have it.
  • The egg will hatch after an unknown number of Pokemon catches with ;p
      • It may be 30-150 catches.
    • Rarer mons appear to have higher catch requirements.
  • ;egg hatch
    • Once your egg is ready to hatch ( PokéMeow will tell you), type ;egg hatch to finish hatching and get your new Pokemon and a great number of Balls and Experience.
  • ;sync unique count
    • Updates your unique Pokemon count if necessary. Should automatically update
  • ;Gif (category)
    • For the meme lords. Posts a random gif. No ingame effect.
    • Categories: angry, cute, evil, good, luck, happy, happybirthday, memepokemon, meow, no, pat, sad, taunt, weirdface, what, worry, yes, pichu, Pikachu, psyduck, thunderbolt, irontail, electroball, volttackle, flamethrower, splash, watergun.

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