Astolfo Bot – Guide, All commands & FAQ’s

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Astolfo Bot – Guide, All commands & FAQ’s

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Table of contents (Commands only)

a!h 0 | Player commands (Game)

a!h 1 | Casino commands (Game)

a!h 2 | Guild commands (Game)

a!h 3 | Moderation commands

a!h 4 | Misc commands

  1. a!h 0 | Player commands (Game)




Master! Let’s join the Holy Grail War!!


Need some explanations on how to u-use me?


I will show your profile!


Let’s see what is inside your inventory!


Let’s get your daily reward!


Want to receive your hourly reward, Master?~


Master, help me get new friends and you will receive tokens! :3


Get a few advantages by subscribing with a premium account to help rent servers :3


I will show you the best players on the War, try to surpass them!!


I will show you the best players of an individual server :3


Let’s summon your servant, Master!


Master, you can summon a new servant if you want!


I will show you the specifications of your actual servant! :3


If you want, you can buy a new supah-cool custom servant image :33


You can check all your current commands cooldown!


You can do a mana transfer to your servant to help recover its life!~


Buff your servant to get some advantages~


Master, you want to give your money to others? So kind of you! :3


If you want to increase your servant stats, buy some equipment :3


Kyaa Master, are you gonna be married??!!!


Let’s fight against others’ servants!


Master~~ Let’s kill some monsters!


Master, you can try to see how far you can go~


  1. a!h 1 | Casino commands (Game)


Get some pieces of information about the casino~

Master, welcome on the Casino!!

First of all, you need to know we don’t use tokens to gamble, but another currency called Saint-Quartz :_: , that you can obtain thanks to a!c exc.

We have multiple games you can enjoy, please check them out thanks to a!help 1~


Won SQ: 0 :_:

Lost SQ: 0 :_:

a!casino shop

Master, you can buy some items at the shop!


Welcome on the casino’s shop! Here are the available items with their price:

– Summon Ticket :_: : 4 SQ :_:

– Golden Apple :_: : 9 SQ :_:

Click on the corresponding reaction to buy it!

Note that you can specify an amount if you want to buy more items at once, like a!c shop 10.

a!casino exchange

Let’s exchange your tokens to saint-quartz in order to gamble!

If you want to exchange some tokens for Saint Quartz :_: in order to gamble, please do a!c exchange <amount> where <amount> is the amount of SQ you want to buy!

The current rate is 10 tokens = 1 SQ.

a!casino leaderboard

See who are the gamblers who won the most in the casino!

TOP 10 HIGHROLLERS | Ex Luck Gamblers [1] Ilane – 2033502 :_: [2] HeatedRamen – 1982993 :_: [3] Yuuk1 – 1806847 :_: [4] Ramtzer – 742115 :_: [5] senku – 526849 :_: [6] Eternality – 495051 :_: [7] apyr – 486221 :_: [8] Akara – 335706 :_: [9] Kenni – 317671 :_: [10] Astolfo – 285998 :_:

a!casino leaderboardbottom

Well, this is the top of those who had bad luck and lost a lot 😡

TOP 10 FLOPPERS | ~The House Always Wins~ [1] HeatedRamen – 2086957 :_: [2] Ilane – 1920413 :_: [3] Yuuk1 – 1776902 :_: [4] Ramtzer – 747159 :_: [5] senku – 540945 :_: [6] apyr – 471865 :_: [7] Eternality – 435176 :_: [8] Akara – 343925 :_: [9] Kenni – 316330 :_: [10] Astolfo – 288608 :_:

a!casino dice

Roll the dice and guess it right! Max bet is 5000SQ.

Roll the dice! In order to do so, please use a!c dice <number> <bet> where <number> is the number you choose out of 6 and <bet> being the amount of SQ :_: you would like to bet!

If you lose, you will forfeit your ante, but if the number matches the rolled number you’ll win triple the amount you bet, hehe~

Example: a!c dice 3 10

a!casino russianroulette

Gamble with your friends with a funny russian roulette game! Max bet is 8000SQ.

A game of russian roulette has been started! You can join it by clicking on the dice reaction!

The current required bet is 1 :_: and you must have at least that amount to join!

The rules are simple: One player is selected among all participants to receive the prize pool!!

Good luck~

a!casino highlow

Guess if the number will be higher or lower! Max bet is 500SQ.

Welcome to the HighLow number game! To start, please type a!c highlow <bet> where <bet> is the amount of SQ :_: you’re willing to bet!

Once done, a random number will be generated and your job is to guess if the number will be higher or lower than the generated one, by clicking on one of the two arrows.

Note minimum bet is 10. If you win, you’ll get 50% of your bet, otherwise you’ll lose it, so good luck Master~

Example: a!c highlow 10

a!casino slots

Machine slots, go!! Most classical gambling game for you~ Max bet is 1000SQ.

Welcome to the machine slots of the casino!! To use the slots, please type a!c slots <bet> where <bet> is the amount of SQ :_: you’re putting in as your bet!

Minimum is 4 SQ :_: , maximum is 100 SQ :_: .

You’ll get a reward only if you get at least 2 slots with the same symbol! The rarer the symbol, the higher your reward will be! Aaaand you can get up to x75 your bet!!

Here is a list of the symbols based by their rarity:

:_: < :_: < :_: < :_: < :_: < :_: < :_:



a!h 2 | Guild commands (Game)

a!Guild create

Ooooh?! You want to create your own guild?

The price to create a guild is 10.000 tokens. If you want to create one, please use a!guild create GuildName and replace GuildName with the name you want your guild to have.


Master~~ Let’s see your guild!

a!Guild members

Here you can see who is in your guild :3

a!Guild leave

Wanna leave your actual guild, Master?

a!Guild delete

Master! Are you sure that you want to delete your guild??

a!Guild invite

Let’s invite new people in your guild!! Yay!

a!Guild permissions

Here, you can change role and permissions of your guild mates!

a!Guild kicka!Guild namechange

If you want to kick someone from your guild, you’re at the right place!

a!Guild namechange

Here, you can buy a name change for your guild :3

a!Guild upgrade

Upgrade your guild to get some bonuses! :3

a!Guild bank

See how rich (or not) is your guild!

a!Guild banksend

Send tokens to your guild if you want to help!

a!Guild image

If you want, you can buy a new supah-cool custom banner for your guild :33

a!Guild tax

What, you want to take tokens from your slav- guild members?!


a!h 3 | Moderation commands


Kick this person! But.. Are you sure, Master..?


Ban this person! But.. Are you sure, Master..?


Purge the x latest messages… Everyone has its own secrets, right? ~”


Rename yourself or others!


a!h 4 | Misc commands



Some infos about meeee!

I am AstolfoBot, made by my beloved Lymdun-sama! ~ ♥


– Author: Lymdun#9640

– Library: Disqord

– Runtime: .NET 5.0.12 (Linux 4.19.0-18-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.208-1 (2021-09-29))

of 50


– Guilds: 93161

– Users: 7614276

I am AstolfoBot, made by my beloved Lymdun-sama! ~ ♥


– Author: Lymdun#9640

– Library: Disqord

– Runtime: .NET 5.0.12 (Linux 4.19.0-18-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.208-1 (2021-09-29))

– Creation Date: November 17, 2018

– Uptime: 00.04:46:19

– Version: 1.3.5

– Actual Shard Id: Shard 1 (#0


I will give you the link to invite me, yay!


Verify if i am here, Master 😉


You can come to support server if needed!




Gives you informations about my latest updates :3

Rewritten AstolfoBot entirely, in order to fix shards issues, latency issues and to prepare for next updates.

– a!servertop has been re-enabled for servers with less than 1000 members.

– a!hp now displays current hp in percentage.

– Fixed rare issues with hp being not properly calculated after certain actions.

– Fixed rare issues with data synchronisation.

– Added 15 servants.


Mite mite! What a lovely avatar!


M-Master? D-Do you want I say s-something?


I give prediction for sure, Master!


I rate anything you want, Master!


I will choose one of your suggested choices!


Love is a beautiful thing, let me say if it’s possible between two of them~




Would you like to see some… traps? ~~


M-M-M-Master!!! I-It’s not good!!


To play with your friends at the russian roulette! But be careful, dangerous game there..


Astolfo bot Mini guide


First of all, you can summon a servant using a!summon, and check your servant’s stats thanks to a!servant! Once you’re done, you will need Tokens and Experience in order to progress and help your servant to become stronger. To get it, you can use a!hr, a!daily, a!vote for now. Now that you have some tokens, you can buy some equipment using a!eq. Once you’re ready, you can start to fight using a!battle, a!pve or even a!dungeon~ If you need, you can do a mana transfer to your servant thanks to a!heal too! You can get some few advantages with a!premium too! Please note that it was only a little explanation for your very first steps, there are way more things to do, thus I highly suggest you to take a look at a!help!! If you want to play with other players or need some help on anything, feel free to join the official Discord server with a!discord!



The Discord commands I’ve entered don’t seem to be working. What went wrong?

As mentioned earlier, certain commands are specific to bots. So if you try to make use of a command, such as ‘/afk’ to specify that you’re away from your keyboard, it will not work unless you have the Discord Dyno bot active. The bot permissions also make a difference.

Another reason could be the device you’re using. Some, such as the ‘edit message’ are available only on the Discord desktop app and not on the mobile app. Given this, you can not make use of all commands on your mobile device. Often, some commands which are available on an iOS device may also not be present on an Android device and vice versa.

If the above two conditions are not the issue, then perhaps you’ve entered the command wrong and need to check it.

I want access to more commands. Where can I get them?

If you want to explore Discord commands, check out the Discord bot store here. On downloading a bot, you will be able to access all the commands it has to offer. Each bot has a list of commands it can execute. Of course, you would also need to activate these first.

Another way to explore commands is by checking out the various slash commands directly. So, you can go to the text box and type in the forward slash key (/) and a list of commands will show up. Here, bot commands, as well as inbuilt commands, will be visible.

Do I need bots for Discord commands?

Discord has a number of text and slash commands that you can use in your server or DMs, without the need for bots. You can perform commands such as sending an emoji reaction, getting IDs, fixing a typo, etc. without having to add a bot to your server.

However, bots do add a number of functionalities and commands and are a great addition to your server. For example, setting an ‘afk’ status or kicking members directly can only be done if you have a bot. Hence, certain bots often become must-haves in your Discord servers.

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