Carl Bot – Features, Commands and FAQ’s

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Carl Bot – Features, Commands and FAQ’s

Discord is one of the most popular and continuously growing platforms that offers facilities like chatting, voice calling, discussing among friends, sharing media, creating polls, etc. As it also offers you to create your own community literally on everything that you want.

But with growing members, managing the server manually makes so sense at all as it is a time-consuming process. But using Automod bots can make things manageable and easy.

What is Carl Bot

Just like Rythym, Mee6 and a hundred other popular Bots that rule various servers owned by an inclusive category of people, Carl Bot is one such unique automated bot that will manage your servers for you effortlessly. With just simple commands you can take control of your whole Discord server with ease.

Carl Bot might be best for you to make your discord server easily manageable as the bot provides you full control to your hand. It, of course, has a simple and user-friendly dashboard that is really helpful for beginners as well.

With this bot, spamming in your discord server will barely occur as it has an auto function that will kick out or ban any member that is continuously spamming and breaking the rules of your server.

Carl Bot even possesses far more features other than moderating. Some features like playing music to keep your community engaged, playing games, text transformation, etc

Carl Bot has several features that make it an advanced automated bot. Let’s discuss some of the best features of Carl Bot.


Name Examples Usage
ignore [channels…] [commands…] !ignore #general #log #adminsonly “temp home” ping activity If no channel is specified, the current channel is ignored. If a command is supplied, it will ignore that command in the specified channel. Manage server bypasses this. You can supply more than one channel and or command.
ignore server !ignore server This is essentially the same as making the entire bot mod-only

ignore all [commands…] !ignore all “pc top” ping

This is equal to typing !ignore channel command subcommand in all channels the bot can see, useful if you want to ignore a command in all channels except for one. This will not work for channels created in the future. If the command is already ignored in a channel, this will unignore it.
unignore [channels…] [command…] !unignore #general #log temp ping Reverses what !ignore does

unignore all !unignore all Unignores all channels (this does not take ignored commands into account)

disable <commands…> !disable “pc top” rr temp This really disables the command globally from the server, not even manage server bypasses this.
enable <commands…> !enable “pc top” ping “tag info” Enables one or more previously disabled commands.
enable all !enable all Sets all commands to enabled.
disable all !disable all Sets all commands to disabled.
enable mod !enable mod Enables all moderation commands
disable mod !disable mod Disables all moderation commands
enable list !enable list Shows all enabled/disabled commands.

restrict <command> !restrict define This requires a bot channel to utilize. Makes it so that if the command is used outside of the bot channel, the bot will ping the user in the botchannel and give the results there instead.
unrestrict <command> !unrestrict d Unrestricts it. Like all commands where you pass in a command, aliases work just as well.
set bot <channel> !set bot #botspam Sets the channel used for restricted commands to be redirected to.
modonly <command> !modonly echo Makes a command usable by mods only
unmodonly <command> !unmodonly dog Removes a command from the modonly list
modrole <role> !modrole bot commander Makes it so that any member with the specified role is seen as a moderator by the bot. This does not allow members with this role to kick, ban, mute, warn or any variation of these commands.
modrole clear !modrole clear Removes the modrole
prefix add <prefix> !prefix add “sudo “ Adds a prefix to be used by the bot (limited to 10) NOTE if you want a two word prefix or a prefix with a space after it or an emoji you must use quotes, this is a discord limitation and can’t be fixed
prefix set <prefix> !prefix set “haha “ Sets the specified prefix to be the ONLY prefix in the server
prefix remove <prefix> !prefix remove ! Removes a prefix, same limits as !prefix add applies here, can’t remove mentioning the bot.
prefix clear !prefix clea Removes all prefixes except mentioning the bot. This (obviously) means you need to mention the bot to register more prefixes
set welcome <#channel> !set welcome #join-say-hi Sets the channel where welcome/leave/banmsg messages will be posted
[welcome|greet] <text> !greet Welcome Sets up a welcome message that will be sent when a new user joins.
[leave|farewell] <text> !farewell Goodbye Like !greet but for people leaving
banmsg <text> !banmsg {user} just got blown the fuck out Like !greet but for people getting banned
[dmjoin|pmjoin|joindm|joinpm] <text> !dmjoin Hello and welcome to Like !greet except it dms the message to the user upon joining
testgreet !testgreet Not sure how your welcome/farewell/dm messages actually look? Just type !testgreet and have the bot spit out all of them.

All these messages will be sent to the channel saved with !set welcome. Use a command without any text to remove the message. Supports the following variables:

{mention} – Pings the user

{user} – The name of the user

{server} – The name of the server

{user(id)} – The ID of the user

{user(proper)} – The name including the last four digits (Carl#0001).

{server(members)} – The number of members on the server (after the event has happened). Use {ord:{server(members)}} to turn 8102 into 8,102nd etc.

Also supports {random: lists, separated by commas} and {math: 1 + 1} math blocks not sure when you’d ever want a math block but random lists are pretty useful.

Each category of commands has their own page which can be found on the sidebar.

Aliases: [foo|bar] means that you can use either foo or bar

Optional: [foo] means that this argument can be ignored (this is usually for clearing settings or for using yourself/the current channel)

Optional with default: [foo=’muted’] means that it will default to the value if you don’t specify anything else

Required: <foo> means that you must use this argument for the command to work

Many: <foos…> or [foos…] means that you can specify more than one. Massban is an example of a command that uses this. If you wish you use an argument with more than one word, use “double quotes” to let the bot you know what you want.

Additionally, the bot uses what are called converters which makes specifying roles, members, channels etc easy and fool-proof. When asked to specify a member, you can provide it a mention (pinging the person), an id, their name or their nickname. This principle works for every single command where applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Question 1- How do I set up reaction roles?

Answer – Check out the reaction roles page There is an example at the bottom of the page of me setting up reaction roles for my bot server that a lot of people seem to find useful.

Question 2 – How do I actually configure the bot?

Answer – Use the website! at it’s much easier than doing it with commands.

There’s a page for a basic set up and then there is also a page for a more in-depth guide that goes over disabling/enabling commands on a granular level.

Question 3 – Can Carl BOT Do rules?

Answer – Permission system: the permission system in the Carl bot allows you to manage command rules in bulk from the main dashboard. … It also allows you to customize commands and use the bot’s potential to mutate commands’ behaviour or override default settings with ease.

Question 4 – How do you set Carl bot commands?

Answer – Basic bot setup

  1. Setting up the prefix. I want the bot to respond when I use the prefix – to do that, I can type ! …
  2. Setting up all the channels. ! …
  3. Setting up reaction roles. …
  4. Setting up modlogs. …
  5. Setting up starboard. …
  6. Configuring logs. …
  7. Setting up a mute role. …
  8. Adding twitch streamers.

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