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Dank Memer Bot for Discord – Guide – Features – Commands – FAQ’s


Table of Contents –

  1. What is the ‘Dank Memer’ Bot?
  2. Dank Memer Bot Features
  3. Dank Memer commands
  • Currency
  • Configuration
  • Fun
  • Games
  1. FAQ’s

The Dank Memer Discord bot can do music, moderation, currency, and of course, memes.

The dank memer is growing at an exponential rate and there are more numbers of users to count so add this bot to your discord server to keep your community engaged and away from boredom.

There is a lot of fun involved in running a discord server but surely it is not an easy task. The server owner is required to have patience and persistence as his community grows. That is why discord bots are so popular. These discord bots are code scripts that can perform various automated tasks. There are a lot of bots that keep the server alive and running and the same goes with the dank memer bot. Bots are automated scripts of coding that ensure the integrity of your server. They keep the members in line, welcoming newbies while muting those who cause trouble. All in all, bots make your life a whole lot easier.

Here’s a one stop guide for all the Dank Memer commands, guide, features and FAQ’s.

What is the ‘Dank Memer’ Bot?

The Dank Memer is a multipurpose bot that adds multiple sets of functions to your server. Though the list keeps going on, the Dank Memer Discord bot can do music, moderation, currency, and of course, memes. Like Rhythm Bot, the average bot is known to perform only one function — in this case, just music.

Plenty of users tend to identify multipurpose bots as annoying and understandable harmful add-ons to the server. However, that is simply not the case, at least for most multipurpose bots; these bots can prove to be really neat, especially if the owners invest some time in customizing the bots accordingly.

Dank Memer Bot Features

  • Global Currency System: Possibly the best currency system on discord, with bank robbing, unique items, stealing, and of course, some gambling.
  • Memes: Memes, memes, and memes; The Dank Memer bot is known for the immense amount of memes it offers, as well as meme-ifying all basic tasks.
  • Games: Engage in a bunch of role playing games with the community
  • Animal Pictures, and much more!

Dank Memer commands


balance – Check your coin balance, or someone else’s. Shows pocket and bank.

usage – pls balance <@user>

bank rob – Rob somebody’s bank! You’ll need multiple friends to join the heist. The more that join, the higher chance of success!

usage – pls bankrob <@user>

beg – This command is used to “beg” for coins. You have a random chance to either gain some coins (and sometimes items), and a random chance to get nothing at all. (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier)

usage – pls beg

blackjack – Take your chances and test your skills at blackjack. Warning, I am very good at stealing your money. Learn to play blackjack [here]( (Multiplier affects this command up to 100% max)

usage – pls blackjack

buy – Buy currency items from the shop. Some items are useful and give extended functionality, some are made just for selling/collecting, and some are only to FLEX on the normies!

usage – pls buy <item> [quantity] [”max”]

daily – Get your daily injection of meme coins. Doing this command more than one day in a row starts a streak that can get you more coins! At certain points in the streak, you’ll also get free meme boxes!

usage – pls daily

deposit – Deposit money into your bank account from your pocket!

usage – pls deposit <number>

dig – Dig in the dirt to see what you can find! Sometimes you’ll find bugs, sometimes more than just bugs!

usage – pls dig

fish – This command is a virtual fishing game! You cast out your fishing pole (which you can buy in the shop), and have a chance to catch a fish! There’s also a slight chance to encounter a “boss”, which has higher stakes but a higher payout if you win the mini-game!

usage – pls fish

gamble – Take your chances at gambling. Warning, I am very good at stealing your money. Roll your dice against the bot, if you get higher than the bot you’ll win! (Multiplier affects this command up to 100% max)

usage – pls gamble <number>

gift – This command is used to share items with someone! To be able to use it, you must not be a “new user” of our bot to prevent cheating!

usage – pls gift <amount> <item> <@user>

highlow – This command provides a simple way to earn quick coins, by guessing if the number is higher or lower. (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier)

usage – pls highlow

hunt – This command is a virtual hunting game! Take your hunting rifle (that can be purchased in the shop) and take your chances trying to hunt for some animals to sell! Beware, there is also a chance to encounter a boss and its mini-game, which can have bad results upon losing.

usage – pls hunt

inventory – Check out your inventory, or someone else’s!

usage – pls inventory [@user]

itemlb – See who in your server has the most of any one item! If someone is not showing up, they aren’t cached. They need to earn or lose the item in question to show up.

usage – itemlb

loot box – One of the ways we support development on our (mostly) FTP bot is through selling loot boxes! This command will link you to where you can purchase them.

usage – lootbox

lottery – Buy a lottery ticket, a winner every hour, winner takes all that hour’s entry fees! Your odds of winning any given hour are 1 in however many people entered. If you win, you get a winning lottery ticket collectible item!

usage – pls lottery

monthly – Get your monthly injection of meme coins.

usage – pls monthly

multiplier – Check your current multiplier within the bot, including any secret multipliers you may have unlocked.

usage – pls multiplier <@user>

pet – Purchase or interact with your virtual pet! Some pets have better stats than others, which are reflected by their prices!

usage – pls pet

post memes – Use a laptop to post memes. Randomly on each command, there is a chance you will have an exploding meme (big payout) or a dead meme (possible punishment). There is no pattern, it is randomly chosen each time! (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier)

usage – pls postmemes

prestige – This command will reset nearly your entire currency profile (wipe coins, items, and more) in exchange for a higher multiplier, an exclusive badge, and a few items to get you started fresh with. Premium users have lower reqs to prestige.

usage – pls prestige

profile – This command will show your, or another user’s, currency profile. There is also more detailed stats to see if you use flags. For example: “pls profile –help”

usage – pls profile l@user | –rob | –gamble | –badges | –gift | –share | –cooldowns | –commands | –help]

redeem – Redeem your cool donor rewards weekly! This is only usable by donors (via Patreon) or server boosters

usage – pls redeem

remove – Unequip or remove an active item. Note that you will not receive the item back after removing it.

usage – pls remove <item>

rich – See who the richest users in your current server are! If you want a list that is a little more robber-friendly, get the robber wishlist!

usage – pls rich

search – This command is used to gain coins and sometimes items! You can pick a location to “search” in for stuff. Each place has unique chances for coins or items, and a few also have the ability to kill you! (Coins from this command are affected by your multiplier)

usage – pls search

sell – Sell one of your items back to the shop for a fraction of the shop price

usage – pls sell <item>

share – Share some coins with someone! Two things to note: Your account cannot be new to using the bot to share, and there are taxes taken out depending on how much you are sharing.

Usage – pls share <@user> <quantity>

shop – See what’s in the currency store! Every hour there is a new item on sale as well!

usage – pls shop <item>

slots – Take your chances at a slot machine. Warning, I am very good at stealing your money.

usage – pls slots <item>

snake eyes – You make a bet, and you try and get snake eyes (which are two ones on the dice). One eye pays out 1.8x your bet, two pay out 10x.

usage – pls snakeeyes <bet>

steal – Take your chances at stealing from someone’s pocket. Warning, you will lose money if you get caught! You can steal anywhere from 20% to 100% of their coins if successful! There are also multiple shop items (and pets) that can defend someone’s wallet, so be weary of that!

usage – pls steal <@user>

user – This command is used to “use” a currency item. Not all items are usable, and some will be consumed on use.

usage – pls user [item]

weekly – Get your weekly injection of meme coins. This command is for premium servers, able to be set by $5+ donors.

usage – pls weekly [item]

withdraw – Withdraws money from your bank. Cannot be used in the middle of a bankrob!

usage – pls withdraw <quantity>


audit – See who has made changes to Dank Memer’s config in your server.

usage – pls audit

auto meme – Set up a channel to automatically post memes every 5 minutes. To disable it, just run pls auto meme again

usage – pls automeme [webhook URL] [ interval in minutes ]

auto response – Decide whether to enable or disable certain auto-responses on this server.

usage – pls autoresponse [ autoresponse choice ]

disable – Use this command to disable commands or categories you do not wish for your server to use. You can disable things per channel, role, or user. Disables are overridden by enables!

usage – pls disable [command | all] [#channel | role]

enable – Use this command to enable disabled commands or categories. You can enable things by user, channel, or role. Enables will override disables.

usage – enable

loss log – See how you lost coins from your pocket.

usage – pls losslog <page number>

prefix – Change Dank Memer’s prefix for this server!

usage – pls prefix <prefix your choices>

premium server – Add or remove the current guild as a premium server, or leave the arguments blank to list all of your premium servers. You can remove a premium guild by its ID by specifying the ID after remove, like pls premium server remove [id], you can get the ID by listing your redeemed premium servers

usage – pls premiumserver [add | remove ]

server conf – Adjust server-specific settings such as family-friendly mode.

usage – pls serverconf [option]

settings – Adjust user-specific settings and cool stuff such as dm notifications or tips.

usage – pls settings [option]


8ball – Ask the magic (and kinda rude) 8ball about your future!

usage – pls 8ball <question>

clap – Make the bot say whatever you want with sass!

usage – pls clap <whatever you want the bot to say>

dank rate – See how dank you are, 100% official dank score

usage – pls dankrate

Delete this – “deletethis” memes

usage – pls deletethis

doot – Make the bot say whatever you want with doot doots!

usage – pls doot <what you want the bot to say>

emojify – Make the bot say whatever you want with emojis!

usage – pls emojify <what you want to say>

epicgamerrate – See how much of an epic gamer you are

usage – pls epicgamerrate

Food porn – See some food that makes your mouth water

usage – pls foodporn

google – Sick of someone asking dumb questions?

usage – pls google [search terms]

green text – Make the bot say whatever you want with green text

usage – pls greentext <what you want the bot to say>

hack – Hack your friends! Or your enemies… BTW if you think this is a real hack get your brain checked for smoothness

usage – pls hack

imagine – Imagine using a command to imagine something.

usage – pls imagine <text to imagine>

kill – Sick of someone? Easy! Just kill them! (Dank memer does not endorse murder)

usage – pls kill <@user>

leetify – B3C0M3 4N l337 h4X0R.

usage – pls leetify <what you want the bot to leetify>

lenny – you know what lenny is, everyone does.

usage – pls lenny

mock – Mock the stupid stuff your friend says!

usage – pls mock <text to be mocked>

owo – owo what’s this

usage – pls owo

party frog – Make the bot say whatever you want in party frog form!

usage – pls partyfrog <what you want the bot to say>

waifu – See how good of a waifu you are

usage – pls waifu

roast – Sick of someone? Easy! Just roast them!

usage – pls roast <@user>

say – Make the bot say whatever you want!

usage – pls say <whatever you want the bot to say>

shower thoughts – Things to think about in the shower

usage – pls showethoughts

simp rate – See how simp you are, 100% official score

usage – pls simprate

spoiler – Make the bot say whatever you want in annoying spoiler form!

usage – pls spoiler < whatever you want the bot to say>

useless web – See a random site from

Usage – pls uselessweb

vaporwave – Make the bot say whatever you want with a bit of vapor

usage – pls vaporwave <whatever you want the bot to say>


abandon – Disowned!

usage – pls abandon < something to make the bot say>

achievement – Am I the only one that didn’t know Minecraft had achievements

usage – pls achievement

affect – get affected, REALLY AFFECTED

usage – pls affect

airpods – playing some fine beats

usage – pls airpods

america – AMERICA, YEAH

usage – pls america

armor – Nothing can get through this armor!

usage – pls armor

balloon -You can’t pop this balloon

usage – pls balloon

slap – Slap someone hard with this.

usage – pls slap

bongo cat – smack smack…

usage – pls bongocat

boo – scare the living cats out of someone

Usage – pls boo

brain – think about it

usage – pls brain <item 1, item 2, item 3, item 4>

cancer – the picture doesn’t lie…

usage – pls cancer

change my mind – well come on change my mind

usage – pls change my mind

cheating – don’t let the teacher see you

usage – pls cheating <item 1, item 2>

citation – give someone a ticket

usage – pls citation

communism – Communism, yeah

usage – pls communism

confused cat – meow?

usage – confused cat <item 1, item 2>

corporate – Find the difference, just kidding there is none

usage – pls corporate

crab – Generate a :crab: rave meme

usage – pls crab <text above the line>, <text under the line>

cry – You’ll like this if you cry every time

usage – pls cry <something to make the user cry about>

dab – dab on the haters

usage – pls dab

dank – dank just like this bot

usage – pls dank

deep fry – Roast a user

usage – pls deepfry

delete – delete this.

usage – pls delete

dog lemon – the dog really hates this lemon

usage – pls doglemon <text>

excuse me – excuse me what the?

usage – pls excuseme

expand dong – Bonzi is back

usage – pls expanddong <text>

facts – It is just a fact bro

usage – pls facts

failure – below the belt insult?

usage – pls failure

fake news – CNN!

usage – pls fakenews

floor – the floor is using commands in the right channel

usage – pls floor < something to make the floor >

garfield – classic cat, classic memes

usage – pls garfield

goggles – googles and googles of goggles

usage – pls googles

humans good – Humans are good

usage – pls humansgood

inator – dank meme bot-inator

usage – pls inator

invert – Your least favorite command is back!

usage – pls invert

jail – Send your friends to jail!

usage – pls jail

just pretending – They were just pretending to be dead, let me prove it

usage – pls pretending

know your location – Dank Memer would like to know your location

usage – pls knowyourlocation

kowalski – hey you, take a look at this

usage – pls kowalski

let me in – just let in

usage – pls letmein < text above the video >

made this – I made this

usage – pls madethis

magik – Make something magik!

usage – pls magik

master – give the master your sword!

usage – pls master

note – It is just a note bro

usage – pls note <something to put on a note>

plan – just plan that plan

usage – pls plan < item 1, item 2, item 3 >

presentation – present this, please

usage – pls presentation

quote – make people say stuff

usage – pls quote <user to impersonate> <thing to make them say>

radialblur – Make things blurry and radial

usage – radialblur

rip – rest in pepperonis

usage – pls rip

roblox – what a noob

usage – pls roblox

salty – You seem salty to me, let me show you.

usage – pls salty

save humanity – idk what to put here tbh

usage – pls savehumanity <something to save humanity>

screams – WHY

usage – pls screams

sick ban – ban this nerd pls

usage – pls sickban

slaps roof – this bad boy can fit so many memes…

usage – pls slapsroof <somethig that will fit in this car>

sneaky fox – sneaky foxes are sneaking foxily

usage – pls sneakyfox <@user>

youtube – just youtube it

usage – pls youtube <something to put in your comment>

warp – Your least favorite command is back!

usage – pls warp


fight – Fight to the death!

usage – pls fight <@user>

gamelb – See the top 10 gamers on your server 😎 You can provide the name of any of the games in the Games category to see leaderboard information on that specific game. Defaults to trivia.

usage – pls gamelb [trivia | tic tac toe | fight | guess] [ -all]

guess – guessing game of the year 10/10

usage – pls guess [number]

tic tac toe – Play a nice calm game of tic tac toe with your mates

usage – pls tic tac toe <@user>

trivia – Answer some trivia for a chance to win some coins.

usage – pls trivia


How do I disable commands?


To disable commands you need to do pls disable <command> and make sure that there are no overrides in the enable list so that this stays working. If you do pls enable list and you see an “enabled guild wide” (guild means server by the way) or the command is enabled for a certain channel that means it’s an override because enables override disables. You can do pls enable remove 4 for example and it will remove number 4 off of the enable list. You can also do pls enable clear and everything on the enable list will be reset. (The same goes for the disabled list if you’re looking to clear it or remove something off the list for that)

Why is the bot offline?


More than likely, we are rebooting for an update or performance fixes. If the bot is ever offline for more than 30 minutes, check in at our support server to see if there’s major downtime planned.

How do I disable a command for everyone except a certain role or user?


You can do this by pls disable <command> then doing pls enable <command> <role> or pls enable <command> <@user>

Why won’t the bot respond to me on my server?


Please make sure the prefix has not changed, and the bot is showing online in your member list. If neither of these things are the case, please contact a support specialist for further help.

How do I see multiple shop pages?


To go to the next page or a certain page, do pls shop 2 for example, just add the number of the page you want to see to the end of the command. This applies to all commands or things that have multiple pages such as your inventory, notifications, the work list, etc.

How do I enable/disable dm notifications?


You can enable your dm notifications by simply doing pls settings dm notifications enabled and pls settings dm notifications nah to turn them off.

Why did I get a notification twice?


Sometimes you get a notification twice, the reason for that happening is due to a bug. If it’s a level up notification and you get the rewards twice, don’t worry about it, you won’t get any penalty or anything. This problem will be fixed once the rewrite of the bot is completed. (This also applies to quest rewards)

How do I turn on/off auto-lottery?


The command is pls settings auto-lottery enabled and pls settings autolottey disabled to turn it off. Note: It takes coins from your bank and not your wallet. To set up an interval: pls settings al interval 2 this means that every 2 hours 100 coins will be taken out of your bank to buy a lottery ticket. To set up a minimum: pls settings al minimum amount 1000 This means that if you have less than 1000 coins in your bank. You won’t be charged for the lottery. (auto-lottery will stop once < 1000)

How do I get a job that’s locked?


If there’s certain jobs that have a red square or are locked in pls work list this means that you need to work more to unlock them. You can do pls work view (job) and it’ll tell you how many hours are required for whichever job you put. Then you can check how many hours you have by pls work info and figure out how much more you need to unlock it.

How do I increase my bank?


To increase your bank you need to use currency commands or bank notes (you can get these by pls fish, pls beg, quests, loot boxes, trading for them, etc.). You can view all the different currency commands by pls cmds currency, for every few you use you’ll gain an experience point or two which you can check on by doing pls profile. As you gain xp, you gain bankspace.

Why are my coins missing?


There are many ways that coins can be lost. Whenever you lose some, you should always do pls notifs to check what happened. This will let you know if you died, got robbed, got heisted, etc. Some of the ways to lose coins are dying, robbing someone and getting fined, a heist (dying or getting fined), calling the police to stop one when there isn’t one going on, auto-lottery, or ending a game of blackjack.

How did I die?


Running pls notifs will show you your cause of death in the bot. You can die by your pet attacking you for not taking care of them enough, from pls search, a landmine, using a tide pod or alcohol, using pls hunt, robbing someone and their pet attacks you, or participating in a heist.

Where did my item go?


Do pls notifs and check if you died, if yes, then do pls notifs view #(notification number) to view the whole notification and see if you also lost an item. If no, then you most likely traded it to someone, gifted it, or sold it (if it was sellable) | Note: Any item can be lost when you die without using an apple or not having a lifesaver in your inventory

What can I do with my cookies or other collectables?


As the name or type of the item suggests they are meant to be collected or to be traded to other users.

Why would I want to prestige?


When prestiging you will lose all your coins and all your items in exchange for a small multiplier for each time you prestige (continues to increase until prestige 10). You also gain bank space at an increased rate every time you prestige. You will obtain a prestige badge (see image below) that appears on your profile and changes each time you prestige up to prestige 10. Additionally, you will receive some starter items each time you prestige. What are these items? You’ll have to prestige and find out for yourself.

How do I turn on/off passive mode?


You can turn on passive mode by doing pls settings passive true OR pls settings passive false to turn it off. – When turning on this setting, no one will be able to rob or heist you. – You cannot interact with other users (share, gift, etc.). – Item buffs for stealing cannot be used, nor can you steal as well. – You also lose 25% and 30% of winnings in bets and slots, respectively. (it doesn’t affect blackjack) – Keep in mind that your passive will be turned off automatically if you don’t run commands for more than 14 days.

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